Energetic • Responsive • Experienced


TREVET is committed to providing responsive, competitive work products in a civil and environmental consulting market that seeks out and values quality.

Who We Are

TREVET is an environmental consulting and civil engineering company headquartered in San Diego, California. For more than 15 years, environmental compliance, investigation, and remediation, and civil design, construction management, and munitions services have been provided to public and private sectors clients from office and project locations throughout the south and the southwest.

As a prime contractor, TREVET has self-performed over $80M in A-E and professional services work, including over 150 task orders under A-E environmental contracts, competitive IDIQ contracts, IDCs for environmental remediation services, and direct award contracts. Well into its second decade of successful operations and performance, TREVET continues to expand its services, geographic reach, and client base.

In 2005, TREVET’s principals acted on a commitment among the group of four partners to establish an A-E and professional services firm that reflected their objective of providing a responsive, competitive work product in a market that sought and valued quality. The partners brought nearly 50 years of combined academic, government, and consulting experience as technical professionals to the endeavor, including nearly a decade working together for preeminent environmental consulting firms in the regional market. The results of their diligence and attention to clients needs and objectives are clear.

  • Civil and military compliance, restoration, and design experience developed in the west and the south is expanding across the U.S.
  • Essential relationships with state and local regulators and other stakeholders are established as growth occurs.
  • Partnerships are forged with other small businesses, specialty firms, and large businesses to ensure sufficiency of resources and capabilities, rapid mobilization, and seamless project execution.

What We Value

Along the way, TREVET’s principals have developed a corporate culture that

  • Encourages active listening to understand the needs and objectives of clients;
  • Ensures the delivery of quality work by establishing measurable performance standards;
  • Implements a safety and health program by promoting awareness and training in the workplace;
  • Recognizes responsive and positive outcomes in completing every task or project; and Values the unique strengths and contributions of each individual to facilitate professional growth and satisfaction.

Our Professional Staff

TREVET brings experienced, technically-capable, qualified staff to all of its professional engagements.

Thirty-four professional licenses, registrations, and certifications are held by TREVET’s 35 technical staff. They hold 14 graduate degrees in industry-relevant disciplines, and average more than 20 years of relevant industry experience. They include

    • Civil and environmental engineers;
    • Physical scientists including geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists, and toxicologists;
    • Natural scientists including biologists, anthropologists, and ecologists;
    • Munitions professionals including DDESB TP 18 qualified UXO staff; and Technologists including information technology, geographic information systems, and computer-aided design professionals.

Safety as Corporate Culture

TREVET embraces a safety culture based on the conviction that all occupational injuries and illness are preventable through a strong health and safety (H&S) program.

All employees and partners perform within a framework of aggressive enforcement of H&S policies, programs, and field performance standards; an incident reporting and loss prevention systems, annual H&S performance goals; employee and management education and training programs; comprehensive medical monitoring and surveillance; and program and project-specific H&S documents developed under the direction of TREVET’s H&S manager.

TREVET’s commitment to H&S is demonstrated by a safety record with no recordable or lost time injuries, and no OSHA violations since the company’s inception in 2005.

Commitment to Sustainability

TREVET’s commitment to sustainability is fundamental to its reason to exist and its responsibility as a corporate citizen.

As environmental consultants, our ongoing obligation throughout each project’s lifecycle, from initial assessment and investigation through restoration and closeout, is to recommend and design innovative alternatives, approaches, and actions for site cleanup that embrace through their implementation the principles of sustainability. These principles reduce water, energy, and material consumption, promote long-term stewardship, and minimize the impact of designs and activities. Analysis and selection are based on the nature and extent of contaminants and other constituents, resulting in a “best-fit” approach that employs well-vetted technologies and accounts for cost and schedule constraints. Renewable energy sources are identified and implemented, while developing and monitoring solutions and systems to deliver energy and increase efficiency. These approaches include using recycled materials, choosing bio-friendly materials, and implementing practices that produce less waste or use less toxic chemicals.