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TREVET has self-performed over 180 civil and environmental architect-engineering and professional services projects worth more than $60 million under competitive and single-award contracts. As measured by TREVET's federal clients, performance ratings for quality over the past 5 years are greater than 90 percent "Very Good" or "Exceptional", with no reportable safety incidents.


Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP)

Installation Restoration Program Monitoring and RCRA Compliance Inspections

Water Supply Well Surveys, Potential Perfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS)

Remedial Investigation

Groundwater (GW) Investigation, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ

Landfill Gas (LFG) Monitoring and Pilot Treatability Study, IR Site 7,

Groundwater Remediation System

CERCLA Five-Year Reviews

Non-Time Critical Removal Action (NTCRA)

Emergency Response, Harrier Mishap, Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, AZ

Cobra Crash Investigation and Clean-up, San Diego County, CA.

Helicopter Fuel Pod Release Investigation, Bridgeport, CA

Munitions Response Program Investigations

Remedial Investigations (RI) and Feasibility Studies (FS)

Site Inspection (SI), Remedial Investigations (RI), Feasibility Studies (FS), and Proposed Plans (PP), Munitions Response Program Sites

Ammunition Supply Point Upgrades – Design-Build

Armory & Medical/Dive Ops Facilities – Design-Build

Steam Distribution System Decentralization – Design-Build

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Sewer System Dissolved Sulfides Study, Industrial User Permit Compliance

Potable Water System Sanitary Survey