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TREVET recognizes the environmental, health and safety issues presented by UXO, discarded military munitions and munitions constituents as represented in the goals of the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) established in 2001. Our technical experience and capabilities in compliance, architect-engineer, and remediation services have been leveraged to expand support in addressing potential UXO hazards remaining from past use of military munitions.

Service Areas:

  • Anomaly Avoidance
  • Community Outreach Support
  • Explosive Hazard Assessments
  • GIS Support
  • Geophysical Investigations and Mapping
  • Historical Records Review
  • Munitions Constituent Sampling

  • Range Clearance Activities
  • Response, Removal, and Remedial Actions
  • Site Characterization for Munitions Constituents
  • Site Inspections and Remedial Investigations
  • Small Arms Firing Ranges Investigations
  • Unexploded Ordnance Surveys


Munitions Response Program Investigations

Remedial Investigations (RI) and Feasibility Studies (FS)

Site Inspection (SI), Remedial Investigations (RI), Feasibility Studies (FS), and Proposed Plans (PP), Munitions Response Program Sites